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4 Signs Your Attic Needs New Insulation

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New Insulation

When giving your home an efficiency overhaul or overseeing a roofing project, you may have noticed that your attic insulation is looking a little thin or has some damage. How can you tell if the damage is bad enough that your insulation needs replacing? Here are four signs that you may need to add some insulation or replace what you have.

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3 Reasons To Put Spray Foam In Your New Construction

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Building a brand-new house is an exciting event in a person's life, but it is also an event that requires making a lot of decisions. If one of your top goals is to make sure your house is as energy-efficient as possible, one option you have is to choose spray foam insulation instead of regular insulation. Here are three good reasons to consider this option as you begin building your new home.

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