Attic Ventilation

On traditional roofing, proper attic ventilation is just as important as proper attic insulation. Improper ventilation, covered or blocked ventilation and a lack of ventilation are major contributors to shingles curling up, mold in attics, ice damming and the second floor of your home being much hotter than the first floor in the summer months.

Attic vents typically consist of soffit vents, ridge vents, gable vents, vented drip edge and solar or electric roof mounted fans. Whichever combination of vents you currently have, it is necessary to achieve your low to high air exchange. This takes place when the warmer air escapes through the top of your roof causing a natural pull of cooler air through the soffit areas. This in turn cools your roof deck in the summer months to prevent shingles from curling. It also keeps air moving through your attic which assists in keeping everything dry.