Spray Foam

Spray foam has rapidly become the insulation of choice for new and existing homes throughout American, Canada, and worldwide. Spray foam seals the building, making it air tight. Is provides a barrier for moisture as well as fills in cracks and gaps. It also has the highest R-value per inch, making your home or office even more energy efficient. The better the insulation, the more money will be saved in the long run. You may have to spend a little more up front in order to install the very best, but if you do the calculations, you will find that it saves to pay a little now then a lot later in energy bills.

Spray foam saves energy. If it saves you energy, it is not only helping to keep the environment clean but also helping to keep money in your pocket. Spray foam is 50% more efficient than other brands! The more efficient, the more energy is saved, the more energy that is saved, the more money is saved, and everyone is happier all the way around.

Spray foam also increases comfort. It keeps out the drafts and makes living in your home more enjoyable for you and your family. It also keeps allergens (such as dust) and pollutants out of your home. Because spray foam forms a tight wrap and is air tight, it also reduces outside noise.

Spray foam also adds strength to your home. It is permanent and will not sag. Spray foam, installed properly, will not need to be replaced or fixed. Many contractors provide a lifetime guarantee because they know that spray foam will not fail. It ALSO reduces wear on HVAC equipment and capacity requirements. AGAIN, another huge money saver.

Spray foam can be used almost anywhere in your home or office. Attics, walls, cathedral ceilings, and crawl spaces are just a few areas that spray foam is able to cover. Many homes have nothing but spray foam in them.

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